Accompanied by my leadership skills and technical work experience, I am a diligent and enthusiastic computer science major and part of the Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society.

Currently working as a management intern for the Herberger Information Technology Office at ASU and participating in a machine learning capstone with PayPal  I have experience in management roles as well as a strong technical background. Through my degree, I have a solid understanding of C#, Java, Swift, SQL, C++,  and other languages as well as software QA, the S.O.L.I.D programming principals, and Scrum.

I also streamline my work with the Microsoft suite, Visual Studio,  VS Code and am proficient with the Mac and Windows Operating systems.

As a side hobby, I enjoy developing websites through WordPress and have dabbled in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.



Language: Progress: Class:
C# Formal Training Distributed Software Dev & .NET Programming
C++ Formal Training Principals of Programming
C Formal Training Principals of Programming
Java Formal Training OOP & Data
Python Learning Machine Learning & Capstone with PayPal
Swift Formal Training Mobile App Dev
CSS Learning Programming for the Web
SQL Learning Database Management
JavaScript Learning Programming for the Web
HTML Learning Programming for the Web\>


  • Visual Studio
  • Unit Testing
  • Modular Programming
  • GIT
  • Object Oriented Development
  • WAMP Server
  • WordPress
  • Management

Course Work

  • (C#)Distributed Software Development
  • (C#).Net Web Application Development
  • (C#).Net Programming
  • (HTML/CSS/JSS)Programming for the Web
  • (SWIFT) Principals of Mobile App Development
  • (JAVA) Object-Oriented Programming
  • (C/C++) Data Structures & Algorithms
  • (C++) Principals of Programming
  • (SQL) Database Management
  • (PYTHON)Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Software QA and Testing
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Graduating In...








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