Dog Walking

Not enough time in the day to juggle work, family, friends, free time and dog walking? No worries, hiring a dog walker can be a fun way for your dog to socialize with new people and get in their needed exercise. Depending on your dogs age and breed type, some furry friends need more walking than others. Whether you want to set up a scheduled walk plan or hire when you need to, I’m here to work with and around your schedule. Group walking is also an option, however conformation from all involved pet parents will be required before your dog can walk in a group. For more information on this service you can contact me here.
Rates – $15 for 1/2 of an hour OR $25 per hour


Pet Sitting

Let your pet enjoy the comfort of home while you’re away. Dropping off at a kennel can be stressful and scary for your dog or cat and finding someone to watch your small animals or horses while you’re away is always a difficult task. Hiring a pet sitter will give your pet the best experience they can have at home as well as ensuring a fantastic, worry free, vacation for you. I send instant message updates and pictures every day to let you know how your pet is doing!

Staying the Night
Your pet sitter can also be your house sitter. Staying the night with your animals ensures they’re under constant supervision as well as deterring home break-ins while your away. This option is helpful for any kind of animal and is by far the best alternative to a kennel. For more information on this service you can contact me here.
Rates – $65 per day or $400 per week (7 days)

Hourly Check-ins
Another wonderful way to leave your pet in the comfort of your home while you’re away is to hire an hourly pet sitter. Check-ins can range from 2-5 times a day, or even more, depending on your wants and needs. For more information on this service you can contact me here.
Rates – $15 per check in (check-in’s range from 45-90 minutes depending on how the pet is doing and the pet parents preference.)

I am now located in Tempe! Contact me to book a pet sitter or request more information/availability! I do overnights in Cave Creek!

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